WT Partnership — an award-winning company with expertise in the building, construction and infrastructure sectors — had sky-high visions when it came to their business.

When they started working with MGI Sydney in 2005, their business was domestic focused, but WT Partnership planned to expand overseas.

The company soon saw their blueprint become a reality and, as they expanded into the USA, Dubai and Qatar, MGI Sydney was able to assist and support them with a seamless international service.

“We wanted to expand overseas, and MGI Sydney provided us with the connections we needed to go offshore with our business,” says Phil Anseline, Executive Director (Australia).

Phil adds: “MGI Sydney not only provided us with the specialised international advice we sought with the expansion of our operations across North America, the Middle East and Asia, but they were also available at a moment’s notice whenever we needed someone to talk to.”

Because of the combination of a local contact with global connections, WT Partnership received the timely, strategic advice they needed to enable growth and meet their capital requirements.

In conjunction with their overseas expansion, WT Partnership also works with MGI Sydney to assist with tax planning and structuring, auditing, personal finance matters, quarterly tax reviews and adjusting to new accounting standards.

“Matthew, Kimmy, Melissa and others from their team really spent the time to get to know us as people and as a business, and because of that, the advice from MGI is always on point,” Robert Groom, CFO, says.

WT Partnership continues to work internationally, knowing they have the right foundation in place to support their vision — even as it keeps growing.